Wheat Germ Recipes

Wheat Germ

Use wheat germ in your baking for healthy and delicious food the whole family will love!

Wheat germ can be added to baked goods – some breads enriched with added wheatgerm have a characteristic soft, springy center. It can be used in biscuits and cakes or sprinkled over cereals and yogurts or other deserts as a topping. It can also be added to salads and soups.

When used in homemade meatloaf and burgers, it acts as a binder and extends the recipes without being intrusive in texture or flavor. It can also be mixed with herbs and spices for use as a coating, where breadcrumbs might otherwise be used, on fish or fishcakes, chicken or rissoles.

I have gathered together a selection of wheat germ recipes I’ve found on the internet that I think you will enjoy.

If you have any wheat germ recipes of your own, and you would care to share them with us, please send them to me via email or in the comments box below.

Savory Wheat Germ Scones

Wheat Germ Muffins

Wheat Germ Pancakes

Grapefruit and Wheat Germ Pancakes

Wheat Germ Smoothie

Wheat Germ Bread

Wheat Germ Upma

Honey Wheat Germ Cookies

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