Wheat Germ Oil for Dogs

While you may be familiar with the benefits of using wheat germ oil for your health, did you may not know that it can promote ‘well-being’ and treat various medical conditions in your dog as well?

With the many wonderful ingredients which it includes, it has the ability to keep your family pet vital and strong.

Keeping your dog healthy and in top condition is most likely very important to you, and you may be searching for ways to do so.

Did you know that just by adding a few drops of wheat germ oil to your dog’s food everyday, you can help protect them from free radical damage?

The high antioxidant content of this super-food soaks up these damaging oxygen molecules and neutralizes their ability to cause harm. This is crucial, as oxidative stress left unchecked over time, can cause major issues such as premature aging and cancer to develop.

What else can wheat germ oil do for your furry friend?  It can work to boost cell membrane repair, and even protect your dog’s nerve cells.

Further, this compound promotes strong muscles and organs, keeping their heart, lungs and eyes working at peak capacity.

Healthy Coat

A healthy coat on any animal indicates good health and vitality. Your dogs coat should be shinny and smooth and this is primarily down to their diet.

Problems such as itchy skin, red-inflamed skin, and patchy fur are common place with dogs. Unless it’s a flea or similar problem vets will almost certainly attribute the cause to your dog’s diet and recommend omega-3 essential fatty oils to treat the problem.

This easy course of treatment usually has an affect within just a week or 2 and will restore your dogs coat to a lovely, healthy condition.

Wheat germ oil is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids available and is perfect to give to your dog. It is virtually tasteless so it can easily be added to their food.

Wheat germ oil is preferable to fish oil because not only is it tasteless, it also contains a number of other health promoting properties not found in fish oil or similar fish supplements.

Vitamins and Minerals     

Other important nutrients that your dog can benefit from are vitamins A, D and E which are also found in wheat germ oil. Some experts believe that these will protect your dog’s reproductive ability, which is important if you plan to breed them. Also, it gives their skin and coat the nourishment which it needs, to keep your dog looking their best!

Essential Fatty Acids

Many people believe that simply adding fat to their pet’s diet, is enough to keep their coat shiny and strong. Yet, most dog food is already laden with fat, but these are typically the unhealthy forms.

In contrast, essential fatty acids are necessary for their body functions, and must be included in their food each day. Why is this? Just like humans, dogs don’t have the ability to create these compounds on their own, so they must get them from the food they eat.

Essential fatty acids are critical to many important processes, like proper tissue formation.  They work to reduce inflammation, and may prevent heart disease, arthritis, and perhaps even some forms of cancer. As you want your beloved pet to be healthy for as long as possible, adding essential fatty acids to their food is a great strategy.

Arthritis Prevention and Treatment

Another common ailment with many breeds of dogs is arthritis. It is a sad fact that arthritis is a debilitating disease that causes great pain to dogs and can ultimately lead them to be destroyed.

Not only can arthritis be prevented it can also be treated. Obviously prevention is the priority and this can be done very effectively with wheat germ oil.

The essential fatty acids in the oil act as an effective anti-inflammatory, and keeps your dogs joints lubricated and working freely.

Wheat germ oil has the correct balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, and Just a daily dose will begin to have effects quickly. If they already have arthritis or just joint pain, you should begin to see them move around with less discomfort.

Where Can I Buy Wheat Germ Oil For Dogs?

The wheat germ oil you give to your dog is exactly the same oil you should be consuming yourself and your family.

There’s no special doggy wheat germ oil that costs twice as much! So be buying a good wheat germ oil product you’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Job done!


So, for all of the above reasons, why not begin using wheat germ oil for your dog right away? It will provide many wonderful substances which their body needs, and help to keep them strong, healthy and maintain a vibrant, shinny coat.

I’m very much a dog lover and know how important it is for people to look after their dog’s health. Most dog supplements are over-priced and provide limited benefits. Wheat germ oil for dogs on the other hand is a natural product that has many proven health benefits.

Adding it to your dog’s daily diet will ensure you’ll have many wonderful, healthy years together!


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