Raw Wheat Germ – Vacuum Packed

Raw wheat germ that has been vacuum packed is kept in its purest form and therefore retains the vast majority of its nutrients.

It is more common to buy toasted wheat germ because it lasts that much longer than in its raw state. There will be some nutrition loss through toasting but arguably this is fairly minimal.

Benefits of Raw Wheat Germ

To gain the greatest health benefits from wheat germ is to eat it raw or very lightly toasted. The longer it is toasted the more nutrition loss occurs.

The only way to ensure 100% fresh, raw wheat germ is to buy raw wheat germ vacuum packed. The longer wheat germ is exposed to oxygen, the quicker it becomes rancid and damages its delicate oil and vitamins.

Vacuum packed raw wheat germ removes the oxygen, thus keeping all the health benefits intact.

As well as containing more of the healthy oils, raw wheat germ is also less expensive than toasted wheat germ. You can always toast it to taste and add it to certain wheat germ recipes.

Selecting and Storing Raw Wheat Germ for Optimum Nutrition

Raw wheat germ loses nutrients and becomes rancid very quickly when exposed to air. Because of this it is important to buy wheat germ vacuumed packed. The vacuum packed containers should be kept in the refrigerated section of the store.

Once you get it home store it tightly sealed in the freezer for no more than two months. Wheat germ does not necessarily taste rancid when it goes bad but it loses many of the important nutrients.

Measure out what you need for your recipe and put the packet away immediately. Glass containers that are freezer safe work the best for storing raw wheat germ.

Raw wheat germ vacuum packedWhere to Buy Raw Wheat Germ – Vacuum Packed

Most natural food and health food stores stock raw wheat germ- vacuum packed in the refrigerated section.

If you are unable to find a local source of raw wheat germ you can find it online. Amazon have been selling it for some time now.

Consuming raw wheat germ is a very healthy addition to your diet. By buying and storing it properly you can retain a larger percentage of the nutritional value and keep it fresh for longer.

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